Stop Worrying About Kawhi's Feelings, Raptors Fans

September 29, 2018

   A quick PSA to fans of the Toronto Raptors: Kawhi Leonard is a grown man. He is an incredibly wealthy, incredibly gifted, grown man, whose feelings can certainly withstand a few jokes on the Internet about his laugh. Jokes like: "He laughs like he just found out how to laugh." and "That was a cry for help disguised as a laugh.". 




   Admittedly, it is a weird laugh. Creepy, almost. All jokes aside however, shouldn't we all just be happy that he laughed at all? I mean, I can personally count on one hand how many times I've heard the guy speak before this presser, much less laugh. 


   But let's just recap, for those of you who still aren't convinced that he's okay. Kawhi Leonard is a professional athlete. He is 27 years old. He has won an NBA championship. He was a Finals MVP. I don't know the guy, but I doubt he would be nearly childish and insecure enough to let the Internet trolls of the world bother him.  





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