Previewing the Battle of the Bromances: Spurs vs. Raptors

September 12, 2018

   Everyone seems to think that the most exciting thing to watch during the Spurs/Raptors game is Kyle Lowry facing off against his best friend and former teammate DeMar DeRozan. Me personally, I tend to disagree with that, for this one simple reason: they aren't really going to be squaring up with each other in one-on-one situations. Kyle Lowry is a 6-foot even, true point guard, and DeMar is a 6'8" SG with the capability to play at the 3, or in smaller lineups, the 4. This is not the matchup to watch.

   No, the real matchup here is with Pascal Siakam and Jakob Poeltl. If you follow the Raptors on Twitter or Instagram, you will likely have seen "Yak&Skills", the vlog-style series following the two young NBA stars. Poeltl, from Austria, and Siakam, from Cameroon, play at the 4 and the 5 respectively, but it would not be at all surprising if we were to see the two of them guarding each other when that day, that day when the Raptors and Spurs finally meet, comes around. Both lanky, energetic guys, who were drafted in the same class, became best friends almost immediately. Both have the drive to compete, and both will likely not give a second thought for the other's feelings when it comes down to winning or losing an NBA basketball game. 

   So, if you ask me, this is the matchup to watch right here. Pascal Siakam, of the Raptors' "Bench Mob" vs. Jakob Poeltl, formerly of the Raptors' "Bench Mob" currently of the Spurs' currently unnamed bench. January 3, 2019... get ready.

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