OG Anunoby's Strong Case for Starting over Ibaka

September 6, 2018



   Raptors second-year forward, OG Anunoby, had one of the quietest, yet most impressive rookie campaigns in the 2017-'18 season, guarding the opposing team's number 1 option on more or less a nightly basis. 

   As things currently stand, one of OG and Serge Ibaka will be the Raptors' starting power forward to start the season, and I strongly believe it should be OG. He is better guarding at the perimeter, was a much more consistent three-point shooter, and had a much higher net rating than Ibaka. Especially during the most recent season, I was greatly disappointed in Ibaka, as, in his first full season with the Raptors, he could not show half the defensive prowess that he did with OKC, and his offence was less than inconsistent. 

OG already has a good chemistry with his point guard and center, with whom he started last season, and will, I expect, have an excellent relationship with Kawhi Leonard, a player very much like himself. 

   Now, while I do think Serge can be an excellent player, and if he played the way he did with the Thunder, he would be the obvious choice to start at this point, but he just hasn't veeb that guy the last couple of seasons, so for now, I'd personally want to see OG start at the 4, and see how Ibaka plays off the bench, and give him the chance to move in to the starting rotation if he plays well there. Of course, there's always the option of starting Serge at centre and keeping JV on the bench. The one major risk of starting OG and benching either Valanciunas or Ibaka, both career starters, is that it could hurt their respective egos. I can't see either big man being all that happy at getting left on the bench. Despite that, I ho hope to see OG starting for the Raptors at power forward this upcoming season, because, in my eyes, he truly deserves it.


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