Should the NBA let Chris Bosh play?

August 24, 2018

   There is no easy answer to the long-lasting question that has lingered throughout several offseasons since Chris Bosh's forced early retirement, the question being: should the NBA let Chris Bosh come back and play? Before I even attempt to answer that immensely difficult question, allow me to provide you with some background. 

   A natural hooper since his early years, Chris Bosh played one year at Georgia Tech before declaring for the NBA draft, where he was a member of possibly the most loaded draft class ever. He was drafted fourth overall by Toronto, behind Lebron and Carmelo Anthony, who were picked 1 and 3 respectively, and Darko Milicic, (whoever that is) who was picked second. After receiving numerous personal accolades during his time with the Raptors, Bosh left, dissatisfied with his lack of team success, for Miami, where he would form the Heat's own "Big Three" with draft-classmates Lebron and Dwayne Wade, who was picked fifth, one spot behind Bosh. 

   After winning two rings with the Heat, Bosh was eventually forced to sit throughout the 2016-17 season when he failed his mandated team physical, as a result of the discovery of blood clots in his lungs. After he became a free agent, Bosh still hoped to return to the NBA, and to this day, there are rumours of the former All-Star discussing a one-year deal with the Lakers, where he would be reunited with Lebron. 

   So, now back to the dreaded topic of his possible return. To be completely truthful, I have to, contrarily to what I said earlier, easily say no. No, the NBA should not allow Chris Bosh to play another season, another minute, another game, another second in the league. It's easy for me to deny Bosh his dreams for the same reason that it will hopefully be easy for league officials to deny him his request, that reason being this: it has been reported by the Miami Heat that the blood-clotting is incurable, and if Bosh plays it could result in his death. So, while it is difficult to tell Chris Bosh that he can't play the game he loves at the NBA level even once more, it is easy to do if it means preventing a possible death. Simple as that.


*All stats and background provided by Wikipedia. Sorry.

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