Has the Disrespect Towards the Raptors Gone Too Far?

August 10, 2018

   After failing to secure a Christmas Day match-up yet again, we Raptors fans are divided among those who don't care about Christmas Day games anyway, seeing as Christmas is a time to spend with the family, and those who desperately wanted to watch the Raptors on Christmas. However, regardless of our differing views in that area, we as a fan base, as a country, are united in our seething at the clear disrespect shown by the league towards the reigning powerhouse up North: the Toronto Raptors. 

   Now, forget being passed over for a Christmas game, despite being the best team in the league the past five seasons. Forget the hopefully false conspiracy theories about refs calling games in the opposing teams favour because, supposedly, the league rakes in more viewers with a fourth straight Cavs-Warriors finals. Forget all the social media trolls commenting broom emojis under Instagram posts to further remind everyone that the Raptors were swept in a playoff series again. Let's look at the comments the media has been making from what seems like the beginning of time. With the possible exception of Max Kellerman of ESPN's First Take, no one has faith in the Raptors. Not one other media personality who talks about the Raptors outside of Canada has a single good thing to say about the Raptors, and while one could argue that the organization has earned its reputation as a perennial "playoff-choker", the same media personalities have nothing to say about Portland, another team with high expectations for the post-season that was repeatedly eliminated early on.

   So, has the disrespect shown towards the Toronto Raptors, the reigning 1-seed in the Eastern Conference who have significantly improved since their disappointing playoff performance in May, has gone much, much too far in my eyes.

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