Do the Raptors Have a Point Guard Problem?

August 6, 2018

   Seeing as the Toronto Raptors roster looks more or less set for the upcoming NBA season at this point, I have to ask the question that's been lingering since the back end of the 2017-18 regular season. Are there too many point guards in Toronto?

   Following the signing of reigning G-League MVP Lorenzo Brown, the Raptors now have four players listed as point guards on their roster, and one listed at center. Despite what some believe, I can comfortably say that there's no backcourt logjam here in the 6ix, and here's why: seeing as this is the small-ball era, there will be plenty of times at which we see two of our four 1-guards on the floor at a time, and if Head Coach Nick Nurse chooses to be more experimental than his predecessor, the greatest coach in Raptors history, we could possibly even see three on the court at a time. With Delon Wright, a long 6'5" point guard, playing at the 3, you could easily put two of the shorter guards like Lowry and Vanvleet on the court at the 1 and the 2, and have three ball-carrying options .

   Again, this does depend entirely on Nurse and how he chooses to deploy his troops, but if he feels comfortable experimenting a bit, he could easily throw Lowry on with two of the younger guards, hence solving the envisioned "logjam" at the point guard spot.

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